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Sheila Bryan

Born native of Colombia, Sheila Bryan is a mother, licensed & certified life coach, mentor, mindset maven, author, influential and international speaker who is passionate about seeing women live life on their terms while developing healthy boundaries, behaviors and beliefs. She is also the founder and CEO of the Empowerment Academy for Women which is an organization that focuses on guiding women to regain their sense of purpose and power while provoking them to dream and do what it takes to live their best life instead of settling for a life of mediocrity. Sheila loves people and have a desire to see women live the life they were created for, teaching how to turn failures into fuel to move forward in life developing a winning mindset. In 2012, Sheila successfully started and launched her coaching business to equip entrepreneurs and single mothers with strategies to maintain their full time jobs while balancing their business and home. With over 10 years of experience in the marketplace as a marketing coordinator, corporate trainer and workshop leader for several Fortune 500 companies, Sheila was inspired to utilize her gifts to launch an annual signature Women’s Empowerment Workshop, “Take Action” that trains and teaches leadership and life skills, so women walk away with the confidence and clarity needed to become bold and courageous.

Noted for always exuding a spirit of excellence, strong work ethic, creativity and commitment by her peers, Sheila has been featured several local magazines: 100 Successful Women in Business by The Chamber of Commerce in the city of Pembroke Pines Florida, Member of the Strategic Society of South Florida, I have received several awards as a keynote speaker, conference host, workshops, seminars for several organizations.

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